Kick Off and Movie Night at OPEN

Kick off and Movie night

To open the Final Edition of de Nijmeegse Afval Challenge, I arranged a Kick-off evening in combination with Movie Night: Before The Flood at OPEN Slowcafe Nijmegen.

The door of The OPEN Slowcafe was opened at 19.30 and several people came in the cafe. The location itself is very cosy and it gives the homie feeling. In no time, all of the chair for the movie night was filled and at 19.45 another wave of people came in the cafe. (In total, we had around 66 people join in the event!)

It was a nice surprise to see that many people were interested to watch the movie. However, we did not expect a big amount and in the end, we did not have enough chairs. Despite the situation, I made an announcement if it is okay for people to move a little bit, make some room for others and I quickly asked the cafe to provide some carpets and cushions.

Then, I made an announcement to the people if they are okay with sitting on the cushion for the movie. Fortunately, they agreed and we started re-arrange the room a little bit. (Thank you guys <3)

The Movie

The Garden of Earthly Delights

The movie started and the light got dimmed out. The opening scene of the movie was The Garden of Earthly Delights, a painting by Hieronymus Bosch from 1485. The story continued and it showed how the journey of climate change already started quite long time ago. The first term that was publicly recognized is global warming. The story continued to showed how devastating the earth is.

It showed how the tar sand in Canada made Leonardo DiCaprio thinks that it looked like Mordor (from The Lord of the Rings). It also showed the hope from Piers Sellers, the British-born astronaut, who still have hope in humanity. The movie did make some jaws dropped and bring a deep reflection on how should we change our lifestyle.

de Nijmeegse Afval Challenge

NijmeegseAFVAL Challege round 4
Final round of the Challenge

After the movie, half of the people stayed for a small discussion and information night on de Nijmeegse Afval Challenge. One girl said, “We should play this movie in every single school”. Others are a bit sceptic, but the point is that there is a need for an action. An action to bring the earth to a better place.

I did mention that ice that is melting in the Arctic or the forest fire in Indonesia might not be a significant thing for us. But look around us, and think, do you want to just wait until you can see the disaster with your own eyes? Until it gets to your backyard?

Unfortunately, I believe that effect of climate change already arrives in our ‘backyard’. Last Thursday, 18 January 2018, there was a heavy storm in the Netherlands. The storm had a wind speed of 140 km/hour and it is really affecting the country and damage buildings. The news can be found here.

Alone, we won’t be able to solve the world wicked problem.  But together we all can give a small contribution to the changes. One small contribution that we can do is to learn to change our lifestyle by reducing our waste. Because there is no ‘away’ in ‘throwing it away’. The waste (especially the plastic waste) will end up somewhere in a different corner of the world and creates an even bigger problem.

Therefore, by learning about waste reduction and prevention I hope that we are slowly work together towards a healthier lifestyle. Because together, we will make a bigger change!


The Zero Waste Workshop/Meetup


de Nijmeegse Afval Challenge will run from 29 January – 27 February 2018. Every day, you can keep up the different tips from this blog. Besides the information from the blog, I will also arrange a Zero Waste workshop for people who are interested, every Tuesday on 6, 13, 20, 26 (monday) February 2018. You can register for the info night/workshop on the website of OPEN.

Every week, a different theme is introduced for the workshops. Each theme of the workshop cost 7.50 euro (Normal) and 5 euro (Student). This fee includes 1 drink and this fee will also go to bigger cause to a project of Sampah 2 Use which focuses on clean up plastic from the environment and empower the local community to be more environmentally conscious and living sustainability lifestyle. In this way, YOU can be part of a bigger cause!

So what are you waiting for! Register to the challenge and the workshop!
Good luck!


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