First Workshop Nonanoplastic


On 6th February 2018, the first workshop and meet up of de Nijmeegse Afval challenge started!

It was a cosy evening with around 10 participants. We started the evening with small round our introduction of each other, and we begin the challenge by discussing our goals and struggle in the challenge.

The first 10 days of the challenge was considered easy for some people, but it is also a significant change for the other. It was fascinating to see the respond of the people.

In this first meeting, we discuss how should we bring up the approach of shopping zero waste and what is the possibility. One of the first ideas is to arrange a food sharing group who will take care of the fruit and vegetable waste from the market. Such group already exist in Arnhem, and we are thinking to initiate something similar in Nijmegen.

In the meeting, we also learned about the various types of plastics and how to recognise and distinguish them from each other. We also learn the DO and DON’Ts of the waste separation. It was an insightful evening with a lot of discussion from the participant.

Next meeting is the DIY theme, and then, we hope that everything will become more comfortable for the participants.

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