10 Zero Waste Shops to go in Nijmegen

Happy New Year everyone!

I wish that you will have an amazing time this year! For those of you who are interested to start a Zero Waste lifestyle in Nijmegen, I will share a list of Zero Waste shops in Nijmegen.

I do not have any affiliation or earn anything by mentioning these shops. I just want to share the shops that I go to when I need to go for my zero waste shopping.

Nijmegen is not the most accessible city to go for a zero waste shopping, but if you looked a bit closer and got a bit creative, you will get your goods with no waste in no time.

1. Saturday and Monday Open Market

Every Saturday and Monday, the is an open market that you can go to in the city center of Nijmegen. You can find the small open stands along the street from Groetemarkt to the Valkhof Museum. On this street, you can buy various times such as food and non-food items. There is no really zero waste shop in the market, but you can find your way.

I usually go to the Saturday market to do my weekly shopping for my grocery. I bought my vegetables, fruits, bread, cheese, herbs, spices and eggs there. You can also purchase meat without packaging (zero waste) there. Just make sure that you bring your own jar or container where they can put the food that you want to buy. You can also buy secondhand books in this market. Just go to the square in front of LUX cinema, and you will have many options to go for your secondhand book shopping.

The most important thing to do your shopping in the Market is to interact with people there. Ask nicely and politely. If they got confused, you could explain to the seller your goal on zero waste shopping. I am sure that they would like to accommodate you with your lifestyle.

2. Crudo

Crudo (Burchtstraat 126) is a vegan cafe and a zero waste shop with several dispensers for your zero waste shopping. You can buy your dry goods such as grains, pasta, seeds and dried fruits in here. To shop in here, you have to bring your own container where you put your dry goods in after purchase. You buy the food based on the weight in this shop. Since it is a combination of a shop with a cafe, you can also enjoy vegan dishes and drinks in this shop.

3. Van Nature

Van Nature (Burchtstraat 126) is a sustainable (not really a zero waste shop) shop where you can buy your toothbrush, sustainable clothing, sustainable stationery, menstrual cups, vegan cosmetics, sustainable containers and sustainable toys. It is a shop that provides diverse items which will help you on your zero waste journey.

I usually bought my bamboo toothbrush, beeswax wraps, and menstrual pad there. With your bamboo toothbrush, you can also make your own toothpaste (check on my recipe to make it). You can also buy a powder deodorant (or make it your own with this recipe) and soap in this shop. The shop is located next to Crudo and it is connected with Crudo.

Besides in the city center, there is also another location little bit outside the city ( Gerardt Noodtstraat 135-137). In this location, you can buy your juice in a glass jar, bread, nuts, vegetables and fruits with your own container.

4. Ekoplaza

Ekoplaza is large retail for sustainable shops in The Netherlands. It is like a regular supermarket where you can get many goods for your weekly groceries. You can get a fresh ground coffee, oil in a tap, various types of food in glass jar and milk. I usually buy my milk in this shop because they come from a local farm around Nijmegen and you can return the glass bottle when you are done.

5. Maters Groentespeciaalzaak

If you cannot go to the market, you can also buy your zero waste vegetables from the Groenteman located next to the Laser Quest (Ziekerstraat 1-A). They have fruits, vegetables, juices and salads that you can buy with your own container, hence, without waste 😉

6. de Witte Molen Nijmegen

Going to the Netherlands will never be complete without seeing one of those windmills. In Nijmegen, there is also one windmill where you can buy your dry goods such as grains, flours and pasta without packaging!

de Witte Molen (Looimolenweg 17) provides a broad range of products that you can purchase. Besides that, your products will be locally produced, and it is simply cool to take several pictures of the windmills.

7. AKKU Groentepakketen

Another way to get your fruits and vegetables without waste is to subscribe on weekly vegetables and fruits packages. Within the Radboud University, you can subscribe to this kind of packaging via the student organization AKKU. They provide local and seasonal fruits and vegetables every week for you!

What is interesting about this subscription, you will get a set type of fruits and/or vegetables with a recommended recipe. Since it is local, sometimes you will get interesting vegetables that you never heard of or know how to cook. It is an interesting way to explore new local food of The Netherlands. (I mean it was the first time in my life to learn how to make a dish with fennel and radish).

8. Toko Palee

This Asian shop have many zero waste items that you can buy! Besides selling ready to eat indochinese food, you can also buy your tofu, noodle, dried crackers, vegetables and herbs with your own container. I usually buy my tofu, noodle and dried crackers in here.

9. Dille en Kamille

Dille en Kamille is a perfect shop to go for zero waste soap, herbs, and plants. I usually bought my zero waste bar soap for my skin and dishes in here. Besides that, you can also puchase jar containers in this shop (although I recommend to use what you already have).

10. Tea and Coffee

In this category, I have three different shops that you can go to buy your tea and coffee without packaging. You can go to van Hilst (Moenenstraat 20) and Simon Levelt (Lange Hezelstraat 47) for Coffee and Tea without packaging. But if you are a tea addict (like me), you can go to Het Theeza(a)kje (Lange Hezelstraat 56). They sell a massive range of teas that you can choose.

You can also go to Søstrene Grene (Ziekerstraat 40-44) to get some tea without packaging (but their options is limited). Just tell them that you have your own container and I think they will be happy to accommodate you for your tea and coffee.

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