Beginner Guide

Hi you!

First of all, welcome to your first step on Zero Waste Journey!

If you are wondering how can you start your journey, you came to the correct section of this blog. But before I tell you anything about zero waste, I would like to introduce myself.

You can call me Nila. I come from Indonesia, but currently living in the quite but fun city of Nijmegen, The Netherlands. I created this blog to help you on your zero waste journey since it was hard for me to start living zero waste (3 years ago).

I want to make it easy for everyone to give a try on this lifestyle. To know more about my story, you can check on this page.

So now let’s start with You! On your zero waste journey 🙂

In this opportunity, I would like to share some steps that I did when I started my zero waste journey. These steps are:

1. Learn about your waste!

It is important to know what kind of waste that you produce. Please take a close look at your garbage bin. What type of waste that you produce? Is it mainly organic or non-organic?

2. Set a goal or goals

Starting with a goal in mind is important. What do you want to achieve by reducing your waste? For me, it was peace of mind and happiness. What about you?

3. Get your recycling bin and compost bin

For compost bin, you can call your waste pick-up service or composting company around your living areas. For the one in Nijmegen and The Netherlands, you can ask one to be delivered to your home.

4. Reduce your single-use plastic packaging

Start by getting to know the type of plastic in your house and then continue with 5 easy steps to reduce your waste.

5. Do not get too stressful!

It is supposed to be fun and great to learn to reduce your waste and your impact on the environment.

After you follow these steps, you can keep in mind the 5R’s principles on the road to zero waste. This will help you to reduce your unnecessary packaging and hopefully bring happiness to your life too!

If you have any burning questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact me! or you can follow our Facebook Group!

Good Luck with your Journey!