Who am I?

” If you can dream it, you can do it”

-Waltz Disney-

Yes! Of course it sounds cliche, but you can do it! And if you are interested to start living zero waste?
Then I can help you with that goals 🙂

My name is Nila Patty (Nona is my nickname from my grandpa). I’ve lived a zero waste lifestyle since January 2016.

I started this lifestyle because I got annoyed on how much packaging that we used in our life. On January 2016, I decided to stop using single-use plastic packaging.


Surprisingly, it turned out that most of our food comes in single-use plastic. And as you can guess, this means that cannot buy some group of stuff because there are no alternatives to it. This group of food is something like, chips, and instant noodle.
I mean instant noodle is so delicious, right?

I was struggling to find alternatives shops and different ways to get my groceries (in general, surviving). Moreover, the weird look from friends and family also discouraged me in the beginning.

But it did not stop me and I did not let it be a deal breaker for my goal.

Now, I do not have that much struggle anymore with my groceries! And sometimes, I still slipped to that craving moment on instant noodle (I mean, what can I say, I grew up with it). But I don’t worry about it.

Because zero waste lifestyle is a journey and we don’t have to be perfect!
Because of the struggles that I had, I decided to start this blog!

I created this blog to share my zero plastic journeys. I also want to empower people that it is possible to do small little step for the better earth and better future.

I want to help YOU! So you do not have to go to the same struggle that I had.

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Or check on this post, to know exactly in which moment on my life I decided to reduce my plastic waste!
Thank you for joining the journey! And I wish you all the best!

To make big changes, we can start small, and start from yourself.